Royal Photographic Society: Shortlisted for the  IPE 165 (2023)

D31: Art Prize (2023)

Prix Pictet: Nominated for the Human Cycle (2023)

Prix de la Photographie, Paris (2022)

Monochrome Awards (2022)

ND Awards (2022)

Tokyo International Foto Awards (2022)


London: Summer Showcase, British Academy (2024)

York: Visual Ethics Network, University of York (2024)

Durham: The Centre for Moral Injury, Durham University (2024)

Bradford: Impressions Gallery (2024)

York: The Art of Politics, University of York (2023)

Sheffield: Migration Yorkshire (2023)

Leeds: Photo North (2023)

Berlin: Patenschaftsnetzwerk (2023)

Cardiff: Ffotogallery (2023)

London: The Last Supper (2022)

Cambridge: The Cambridge Union (2022)

Glasgow: The Tramway (2022)

London: Refugee Week (2022)

York: Political Studies Association Conference (2022)


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